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Use ARC Infotech’s expertise to leverage your brand on Facebook

Facebook has established itself as an important element of every social marketing strategy with an ever increasing number of brands using Facebook applications to capture consumer attention. ARC Infotech has a focused Facebook application development program staffed by an experienced team of Facebook developers. As your app grows, we have the expertise to back it up and expand it – ensuring that users never outgrow it, making your Facebook apps optimized for social interaction and virality.

Facebook Connect Integration enables businesses to integrate native Facebook applications with their website. Facebook Connect apps streamline the movement of information between Facebook and your website, making it fast and easy for users to access their data which results in a better user experience. Mentioned below are a few key features of ARC Infotech's Facebook Connect integration:
  • Facebook users can quickly log in with their existing Facebook ID
  • Automatically populate profiles with complete user control
  • Publish stories to Facebook when you upload media, comments, blog posts or events
  • Easily invite other Facebook friends to join the community
  • Facebook API live stream for sharing rich media content
  • Users interact directly with your site on Facebook improving brand awareness & traffic
Facebook Fan Pages: ARC Infotech has branded social network pages which contain information about the brand, contest, promotions, events, custom applications, etc. Facebook Fan Pages enable you to engage potential and existing customers on one of the most popular social networking sites ever created. ARC Infotech has developed custom Facebook fan pages for large corporate brands which complement their social media strategy. Our Facebook development team has successfully integrated the following on Facebook fan pages:
  • Quizzes and Surveys
  • News Feeds/RSS
  • Twitter
  • Coupons/Promotions
  • Polls
  • You Tube Channel
  • Branded/Customized Gifts
  • Photo Gallery
Facebook Platform Apps are a great way to connect with new users and friends on Facebook to promote products and services, either by sending invitations or publishing to the wall. ARC Infotech has developed Facebook apps that have vastly improved the visibility of many brands. Our Facebook apps development program is tailored to suit each client’s requirements. In addition to creating built-to-market Facebook apps, our experience includes apps that feature:
  • Collection of data inputs from the users about their favourites
  • Location based features
  • Product/service reviews which can be shared
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